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Our Philosophy
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Injection Moulding
Custom Engineering
Painting and Marking
PVD Coating
Vacuum Metallisation
Our Performance – Your Benefit
ACCOMPLAST GmbH has become firmly established as an important supplier to the automotive and electronic markets as a result of its focus on reliability, individuality, high quality and innovation.
A Complete Manufacturing Service for your Bespoke Products
Our wide spectrum of technologies are based around plastic injection moulding (1K/2K) and include state-of-the-art surface finishing and fully automatic assembly systems.
You can Rely on Us
Quality assurance is achieved by the use of sophisticated checks and controls, using precise measurement equipment for both dimensional checks and visual appearance.
We are committed to the Zero Defects principle to continually improve our quality and ensure that we meet your targets.
Think Green!
We believe that protecting the environment is about more than simply covering our legal requirements. We have set ourselves stretching targets and are working hard to achieve them.
Taking care of our resources is a high priority.
Certified according to:

ISO 14001