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Quality management

Quality management

The high quality standard of our products is the most important basis for the long-term and successful development of the company and thus the basis for satisfied customers and secure jobs.

High quality standards in products, processes, service, costs and technology, continuous improvements in the areas of productivity, economic efficiency, quality, safety, environmental protection and environmental performance, health and innovation with value for money, delivery reliability and profitability form the supporting framework of our company.

The quality requirements that are placed on plastic injection moulded parts and plastic processing in general today have continued to grow over time and present us with ever greater challenges.

Quality assurance through state-of-the-art measuring equipment:

Coordinate measuring technology → Werth 3D CMM (optical and tactile) → Mitutoyo 3D CMM (optical and tactile) → GOM 3D laser surface scanner → Profile projector → Digital measuring projector

Furthermore, we can carry out a wide variety of examinations and tests at our premises:

Luminance measurement Determination of light intensity, spectral colour measurement Gloss level determination Thickness measurement and refractive index of transparent thin films Visual and dimensional evaluation of layer thicknesses, material inclusions, microstructure of the material, etc. Artificial ageing, ageing test Salt spray test, condensation water test, normal climates Temperature and climate tests with or without humidity influence Determination of coating thicknesses on painted surfaces Adhesion tests, cross-cut tests Hardness test on surface protective coatings, scratch resistance test Determination of the intensity of transmission

Our certificates for the scope:

Production, assembly and distribution of individual components and assemblies made of plastic and metal:

ISO 9001 ISO 14001

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