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Injection moulding simulation/ prototyping

Injection moulding simulation/ prototyping

With a feasibility analysis, potential quality problems can be identified in advance and avoided through appropriate changes.

Through injection moulding simulations (CADMOULD) for 1K, 2K and insert parts, as well as through the possibility of manufacturing prototypes, we can ensure right from the start that your components can be manufactured quickly, reliably and cost-effectively in series production.

We are therefore happy to offer our customers early support in the development of the component in order to achieve an optimum result from every point of view.

Component analysis with the following questions

What distortion is to be expected on the component? Where and to what extent will weld lines occur? Where and in what form and size will surface defects occur? → Sink marks → Fibre alignments in fillers Detection of "HOT spots" Where there is a risk of voids Tolerance considerations


Component optimisation in cooperation with our customers

Reduction of physically induced distortion on the component Reduction/avoidance of "HOT spots“ Wall thickness optimisation Creation of optimal gating concepts, reduction of material waste with optimal filling behaviour Proposals for filling aids Optimum component surfaces Avoidance of voids


Tool concept/ Tool optimisation

Optimised gating concept Optimum temperature control → Conformal cooling can also be implemented if necessary Demoulding concept Venting concept

Process optimisation

Determination of safe process parameters Clamping force optimisation Cycle time optimisation


Prototype production

Production of first prototype via 3D printing Evaluation directly on the component, early detection of any remaining problems on the component, initial tests and construction trials are already possible at this stage Prototype injection moulding → Prototypes made of original material, manufactured with aluminium tools to cover first pilot or pre-series in the shortest time possible